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Complexity Economics Articles

ArticlesComplexity Economics

Economic Theory

In this paper, we outline some of the major considerations involved in the study of economics, including trying to understand the logic behind the decision making of agents, theories of economic...

ArticlesComplexity Economics

Economic Agents

In this article, we will be exploring two different models given for agents within an economic context. We will talk about how standard economics offers this model of the rational individual...

ArticlesComplexity Economics

Value Theory

Value theory within economics represents all theories that try to define what economic value is, where it comes from, why goods and services are priced the way they are and how to calculate some...

ArticlesComplexity Economics

Incentive Systems

The study of incentives is one of the central topics in microeconomics - incentives to work hard, to produce quality products, to study, to invest, to save, etc. How to design institutions that...

ArticlesComplexity Economics

Economic Networks

Over the past few decades with the rise of information technology and globalization, the global economy has become networked on many different levels. Both its technological infrastructure and...

ArticlesComplexity Economics

Behavioral Economics

Behavioral economics is an approach to microeconomics that uses experiments to determine how agents make choices within an economic context, it studies the effects of psychological, social,...

ArticlesComplexity Economics

Path Dependency

The concept of Path Dependence is used to capture the way in which small, historical contingent events can set off self-reinforcing mechanisms and processes that “lock-in” particular pathways of...

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