Blockchain… What is Possible?


The blockchain is a new class of information technology. Combining cryptography and distributed computing. To create a shared secure distributed database. Blockchain calls into question seeming unquestionable parameters of the modern world.

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Self-organization theory deals with how global coordination within a system can result out of the local interactions between member parts. The theory of self-organization has grown out of many different areas from computer science to ecology and economics. Out of these areas has emerged a core set of concepts that are designed to be applicable to all self-organizing systems, from galaxies to living cells.

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Entropy is a measurement of the number of degrees of freedom a system has. When the entropy goes up it requires more information to describe the state of the system and it would require work to be done in order to reconfigure the system into its original ordered state.

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Digital Globalization


The process of globalization is entering a new era characterized by soaring flows of cross-border information. As the locus shifts from physical networks of production and trade to global information networks

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Knowledge Society


With the advent of information technology today there are major changes in how people look at knowledge, create it and apply it. This time is now widely recognized as the beginning of what has come to be called the Knowledge Age; an advanced form of economy in which knowledge and ideas are the main sources of economic value added.

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Network Society Short Film


The information revolution is often identified as the most profound driver of change in our world today, enabling an ongoing disruptive transformation in the deep structure to our Industrial Age social institutions as we move further into the 21st century.

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