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Linear Systems Theory

In this video we will discuss linear systems theory which is based upon the superposition principles of additivity and homogeneity, we will explore both of these principal separately to get a clear...

Nonlinear SystemsVideos

Systems Overview

In this module we give an overview to the model of a system that will form the foundations for our discussion on nonlinear systems, we will quickly present the basic concepts from systems theory...

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Nonlinear System

Nonlinear System A nonlinear system is a type of system that defies the superposition principles of homogeneity and additivity. Feedback loops between components within nonlinear systems and over...

ArticlesNonlinear Systems

Linear Systems

Linear Systems Linear systems are defined by their adherence to what is called the superposition principles.[note]View Source[/note] There are just two superposition principles and they are...

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Punctuated Equilibrium

Punctuated Equilibrium Punctuated equilibrium is a model first derived from evolutionary biology.[note]View Source[/note] This model deals with the dynamics of a complex system, suggesting that...

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Nonlinear Thinking

A line is often defined as the shorts path from one point to another, linear thinking then describes how we interpret events or act in terms of direct cause and effect means. When we use linear...

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Fractals Fractals are both physical phenomenon and mathematical objects, exhibiting a repeating pattern that is displayed at various levels of magnitude, what is called scale invariance, creating...

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Phase Transitions

Phase Transitions Phase transitions and bifurcations are periods of qualitative and often rapid change in the dynamics of a nonlinear system’s state.[note]View Source[/note] They involve positive...

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Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect The butterfly effect is a popular term for what is called sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in some input state to a nonlinear system can result...

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Dynamical Systems

Dynamical Systems Within science and mathematics, dynamics is the study of how things change with respect to time. As opposed to describing things simply in terms of their static properties, the...

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