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Complexity Labs is an online platform for complex systems providing a wide variety of users with, information, research, educational and media content relating to this exciting new area.

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Latest Courses

Token Economics Course

This course is an introduction to the new area of token economics, otherwise called crypto economics, which is the study and design of economic systems based on blockchain technology....

Game Theory Course

This course is an introduction to game theory, the study of situations that involve interdependency between adaptive actors, people, technologies or organisms...

Analytics Course

Learn about the exciting new world of big data, machine learning, cloud platforms and smart systems with this intro to advanced data analytics...

Blockchain Course

This course gives a 360-degree overview to the emerging technology we call the blockchain and explores its far-reaching implications for society and economy...

Systems Ecology Course

This course looks at the application of systems theory to ecology giving us new insight into Earth's complex biophysical processes...

Systems Design Course

This course in an accessible overview of the basic principles for the design of complex systems of all kind...

Complex Technologies Course

This course applies complexity theory to the analysis and interpretation of next-generation technology infrastructure...

Social Complexity Course

This course is an accessible introduction to the application of complexity theory to the social sciences, the course will be primarily focused on the domain of sociology, but we will touch upon...

Complexity Economics Course

This course is an overview of the new area of complexity economics, we start off with an overview of economic theory discussing our standard approach before going on to give a clear outline to...

Management Course

It is often said that we live in an increasingly complex world, the pace of change, the degree of connectivity and the scale of operations are leading to rapidly escalating complexity in many...

Network Theory Course

Network theory is one of the most exciting and dynamic areas of science today with new breakthroughs coming every few years as we piece together a whole new way of looking at the world, a true...

Latest Content

Complexity TheoryMultimedia


Self-organization theory deals with how global coordination within a system can result out of the local interactions between member parts. The theory of self-organization has grown out of many...

MultimediaSystems Theory


Entropy is a measurement of the number of degrees of freedom a system has. When the entropy goes up it requires more information to describe the state of the system and it would require work to...


Wicked Problems Video

Short video and text production explaining wicked problems. Wicked problems are highly complex problems. They are unstructured, open-ended, multi-dimensional, systemic, have no known solution....

ArticlesToken Economies

Token Economics Overview

Token Economics Overview Blockchain technology is set to have a transformative effect on the very foundations of how our economies function, the study of this new form of distributed economy may...


Complexity72h – 07-11 May 2018

Complexity72h – 07-11 May 2018 The workshop Complexity72h is an interdisciplinary event whose aim is to bring together young researchers from different fields of complex systems. Inspired...

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“This course is really amazing. It’s not only convenient for non-mathematical audience but a wonderful introduction to nonlinear systems, Chaos & Order for math students to get a better physical understanding”

Pramod Srinivasula

“Hello! Great work! I just completed the course on emergence theory and I am absolutely amazed by the simplicity by which you explain it”

Saurabh Talele

“Wow!!!! I love you Complexity Academy”

Jonas Summers

“I love this field of budding science and am so grateful for this resource! Keep up the work”

Javier Lomeli

“Just want to say thank you for organizing such great course videos, this is the highly complete and high-level series of complex system courses that I was looking for. The information is so compact that every minute is like a 10 minute course”

Lawrence Liang

“I am literally going to watch every single video and take notes!”

Meghan Han

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